Marriage and Family Therapy

Mindfulness-Based Therapy for adults, teens, and families

"Perhaps love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself."
--Antoine de Saint-Exupery
We are all born whole. Certain life circumstances we encounter, however, can cause us to lose touch with essential aspects of ourselves, and can lead us far away from who we really are.

Sunset at Half Moon Bay Using insight-oriented interventions, I guide clients in accessing their inner wisdom and support them in finding their way back home to themselves. I offer a warm, loving and compassionate presence and help people move in the directions that are most meaningful and satisfying to them.

Instead of offering cookie-cutter solutions to people’s challenges, I custom tailor the therapeutic process to suit the unique needs of the individual with whom I am working. In so doing, I draw from a variety of different modalities, including: And perhaps most importantly, I listen. Patty Wipfler writes, “When you give another person your full, warm attention, you help their body and their mind move toward better functioning.” And interpersonal neurobiologist, Dan Siegel, writes, “Find people who regulate you well, and stay near them.”

I consider it a true honor to walk with clients on their path, and I have learned a great deal from each person who has ever stepped into my office. I am sincerely grateful for the work that I do, which I find incredibly meaningful and deeply fulfilling.